Meet Angella V Clark, LMBT NC #17301

As a massage therapist for over 17 years, I've gathered quite a bit of information regarding self-care and wellness for my clients, my family and myself.  The most important thing, I've learned is we know we should have in place a regular self-care plan, but we just don't do it or won't stay with it long term.  

I'm here to bring you the luster, the fun of self-care and wellness plans and routines.  I hoping to keep you interested in a way that never gets boring or old.   It's my job to offer solutions, and you can pick and choose what fits bests into your healthy plan.  

If something starts out fun, but becomes too hectic or time consuming, I'm hoping you will easily find a replacement here. Self-Care & Wellness is often what we do for others, especially speaking as a mother and massage therapist, I make sure my family and clients are well prepared.  I, on the other hand, am often a second thought.

Come join me on this journey of health & FUN

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